Book Reviews: Star Trek

ID Title Author Rating
DS9 The Siege, Book #2 Peter David 90%
DS9 Wrath of the Prophets, Book #20 Various Authors 85%
DS9 Saratoga, Book #18 Michael Jan Friedman 87%
DS9 Invasion: Times' Enemy L.A. Graf 76%
DS9 The Long Night, Book #14 Krystn Kathryn Rusch 60%
DS9 Emissary, Book #1 J.M. Dillard 84%
TNG Vendetta Peter David 80%
TNG Star Trek: Generations J.M. Dillard 84%
TNG Invasion: Soldiers of Fear Krystn Kathryn Rusch 40%
TNG Dark Mirror Diane Duane 70%
TNG Q-Squared Peter David 98%
TNG Q-in-Law, Book #18 Peter David 83%
TNG Triangle: Imzadi II Peter David 83%
TNG Ship of the Line Diane Carey 89%
TNG Q-Space: Q-Continuum Greg Cox 75%
TNG I, Q Peter David & John de Lancie 90%
TNG Imzadi Peter David 94%
TOS Federation Judith & Garfield Reeves Stevens 90%
TOS Prime Directive Judith & Garfield Reeves Stevens 79%
TOS The Rift, Book #57 Peter David 83%
TOS Windows on a Lost World, Book #65 V.E. Mitchell 80%
TOS The Fearful Summons, Book #74 Denny Martin Flynn 70%
TOS The Captain's Daughter, Book #75 Peter David 88%
TOS Invasion: First Strike, Book #79 Diane Carey 93%
TOS Sarek A.C. Crispon 80%
TOS The Return William Shatner 91%
TOS Avenger William Shatner 89%
VOY Caretaker, Book #1 L.A. Graf 82%
VOY Invasion: The Final Fury, Book #9 Dafydd ab Hugh 85%
VOY Homecoming Christie Golden 75%
VOY Christie Golden Christie Golden 90%