KickingLettuce Studios Android Development

Debt Planner & Calculator

Organizes and plans out your debt. Tells you how long it will take to get out of debt with some basic monthly details. Includes a Banking/Checkbook Ledger to keep track of balances in your bank accounts.

The MBTI Database

Add or View to 1000's of Personality Profiles using the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator system. Debate with other users. Requires a Google login to join.

Gas & Oil Tracker

An extremely easy gas budget monitor and calculator. Simply log each transaction at the gas station and enter the cost of the fill-up; and the app will do the rest!

WA State Liquor Calculator

This is the original Washington Liquor tax Calculator for Android and the most complete liquor solution to date, It is designed for the true Washington Liquor shopper and enthusiast


Randomize: Easily the prettiest, easiest, cleanest Android Random Number and Letter Generator yet! It includes a Dice Mode: Generate two numbers at the same time from 1 - 6. Snake Eyes anyone?