About Kicking Lettuce

Kicking Lettuce is an entrepreneurial operation with roots going back to 2003. Late in that year, we were trying to come up with a name for a new Web Design business. Trying to establish something unique, it was decided that it would be named after a vegetable preceded by an action word. Our first choice of Screaming Tomatoes was already taken, while Punching Radishes didn't really roll off the tongue well. These were merely random combinations that had no meaning. Once Kicking Lettuce was said, we knew it was an instant fit.

Over the years we have added entertainment content, as well as technical services. Each with its own unique features brought together at one place, on this web site. All of the content provided here is or was a hobby at its earliest roots. Some of days past, such as the book review content (though we still add new novels from time to time). While other aspects, such as web design and app building, take up all of the focus these days and will see the most growth in the near future.