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KickingLettuce Studios is the Android Application Development wing for Kicking Lettuce.

Releasing their first app in April 2011, KickingLettuce Studios is a startup Android Developer. Currently, more than just a hobby--but not quite a full-time business, we are building up our inventory of complex applications.

Combined, our apps recorded more than 10,000 downloads in their first 6 months. Total downloads are nearly at 110,000.

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The Android Corner

New feature: Do not include in payoff plan

June 7, 2023 | by: Eddie

Recently we added a new feature to Debt Planner:  You can include a debt to the app, but not include it in the payoff plan.  

How do you do this?  On the page where you add a debt, each row has a menu button (the same place where you go to delete a debt).  There is a new checkbox in this menu to either include or exclude that specific debt that you clicked on from the payoff plan.

Why does this feature exist?  You may want to track your debt and watch it decrease monthly.  But that debt might be a fixed payment each month that you do not have control of (perhaps it's a car loan that auto deducted monthly). In this case, you might be only interested in a payoff plan that includes your credit cards.  So now you can micromanage this aspect of the app.  This of course is only one example of why one would want this feature.

Debt Planner update rolling out on April 28th

April 28, 2023 | by: Eddie

We started a roll out to Debt Planner today.  Most should have it in a few days if early releases go well.

We added our first feature in a long time:  Minimum Payments.  This will ONLY come into play if you have Snowball turned on.  While you are paying your priority debt off, all the other debts will drop each month as you pay the minimum.  Most credit card companies, for example, will only let you go so low on a payment.  So, now you can add this by editing your debt.

The second change has huge implications for everyone, but is one many won't notice (and don't notice unless things go wrong with the numbers). The calculations for the payoff have been completely revamped.  I would like to think the payoff plan is more accurate than ever . PLEASE tell me about any oddities you may find and we will get them cleaned up.

Fingerprint API in Debt Planner

April 16, 2023 | by: Eddie

While I continue to wait for more users to migrate to Debt Planner from Simple Finance Manager which is soon closing down, I do not want to make any drastic changes to either app. I did find time to incorporate the fingerprint API to Debt Planner for those who have a fingerprint sensor on their device.  As someone who uses this app everyday with a passcode, and knowing I have a fingerprint sensor in my phone, I was very motivated to add this feature.  

This feature has already started rolling out to some users and will be in full roll out within the week.  

Free Upgrade to Debt Planner for Finance Manager Users

March 31, 2023 | by: Eddie

Users of Simple Finance Manager:  Make sure you get the newest update to the app from a month ago.  After updating, EVERYTIME you enter the app, you will see a message advising you to migrate to Debt Planner.  This is a link to download DP.  And there is a link to send us an email and request this upgrade.

Simple Finance Manager merging with Debt Planner

February 24, 2024 | by: Eddie

Users of Simple Finance Manager will have to migrate to Debt Planner -- a completely different app. However, you can backup your one app and restore in the other.  They are completely compatible!

Coming soon we will have more info on how the Simple Finance Manager users can get a free upgrade for Debt Planner's in-app purchase...

Status of Updates for Debt Planner / Finance Manager

January 25, 2024 | by: Eddie

I apologize for the lack of major updates on Debt Planner and Simple Finance Manager in several months.  I had originally planned to add new features this winter, but due to circumstances beyond my control, I am unable to dedicate time to this at the moment.  The next time, my time opens up, this will be a priority!

Until then, I will continue to support the app and fix any bugs.

Debt Planner / Simple Finance Manager

October 24, 2023 | by: Eddie

I have not been able to update these two apps for quite a while.   There hasn't been any large bugs requiring instant attention for quite some time either.  Had there have been, I would have got out a fix.  But on the "new features" front, most of the requests I get and items that need to be added are quite time consuming, ad I just have not been able to find the time.  I am hoping for something around the start of the new year.  Will keep you posted...

A Small Update for Simple Finance Manager

May 3, 2023 | by: Eddie

Nothing too exciting.  A few bug fixes, text changes and most importantly, Android 6.0 permissions method.  It will now ask you in the app if you want to allow or deny permissions. 

Debt Planner / Simple Finance Manager

April 12, 2023 | by: Eddie

It has been quiet on this front... Still planning my next movie.

If I can combine the paid and free versions somehow, development would go faster.

Check back for news of the next update. No ETA yet.

An MBTI Database Milestone

August 18, 2023 | by: Eddie

The MBTI Database has reached 1,000 downloads after 8 weeks. Our fastest growing app since Debt Planner!