Android Development

KickingLettuce Studios is the Android Application Development wing for Kicking Lettuce.

Releasing their first app in April 2011, KickingLettuce Studios is a startup Android Developer. Currently, more than just a hobby--but not quite a full-time business, we are building up our inventory of complex applications.

Combined, our apps recorded more than 10,000 downloads in their first 6 months. Total downloads are nearly at 75,000.

If you like our apps, please leave feedback in the Google Play Store!

The Android Corner

Debt Planner - Future Updates

July 2, 2014 | by: Eddie

The most requested debt planner feature is the ability to customize future payments. Make no mistake, this will be added this year! We do not have an exact timetable but it should be soon. A second feature we would like to incorporate is the ability to back up your data in case you transfer devices. Or if you upgrade from the free to pro version. A last upgrade coming later on this year will be support and theming for the next major version of Android ("L" release) as we like to keep our apps looking modern.

As always, thank you for your continued support and please keep sending us suggestions or anything else you find!

Debt Planner / Debt Planner Pro 4.5 released!

May 22, 2014 | by: Eddie

Both versions of Debt Planner have been updated to 4.5 during the week of May 19th. The biggest changes are listed on the changelog in the Play Store. But to sum up the two newest items: 1. Money will now be displayed in YOUR currency format! 2. The Planner screen is 100 x's more responsive! (The technical answer: We replaced a TableLayout with a much more appropriate ListView). Please contact us if there are any issues found. Otherwise, we hope the app experience has been greatly improved! As always, we have more plans coming in the future for updates!

Debt Planner

September 1, 2013 | by: Eddie

After a couple of years we have finally got the calculations in Debt Planner (and Pro as well) to a place where we want them.  It is accurate down to the cent.

Also, in Debt Planner (Free, ad supported version) we have raised the limit from 3 debts to FIVE!  

A Flurry of Updates

September 1, 2013 | by: Eddie

Look for massive updates from most of our apps.  Version 4.0 of both Debt Planners feature prominently of these.  Gas Planner and Random Numbers also so significant changes.